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nearer and nearer we go

Well I´ve been busy, far to busy to bother with the nightly hunt for the cyber cafe. I´ve been pressing flowers, and sketching, and scribbling a lot in my little book. I´ve been popping blisters and trying to dry my clothes in the rain. I´ve been climbing trees and towers and hillsides. I´ve been crossing rivers and roads and whatnot.
Uinnsinn and I (yes, that would be the Irish fellow. Vincent is Uinnsinn in Gaelic, but pronounched Inchin)have had several adventures together. We roughed it on a mountain top refuge in Manjarin with Tomas the last remaining templar knight. It rained all day and we had to keep warm by huddling by the wood burning smoke stove and telling eachother stories.
We trespassed through a castle in Ponferrada. Climbing through windows to tower tops and sneaking through gates to the off limits ramparts. In O Cebrio we entered Galacia, the Gaelic part of Spain where moss grows plush on ancient trees and celtic thatch dwellings still spot the landscape. I have it on good authority that it looks very much like Ireland, but more mountain-ish.
In Triacastella we foolishly stayed out for one drink too many in the pub. The refuge closed its doors on Uinnsinn and myself. (Jessica in Gaelic is Teasag, but pronounced chesig) We were forced to spend the night in the meadow. As friends. Someplace in the dark wilderness we fell into a tree hole, tumbled down a embankment and landed in a stream. Everything was sodden, from my shoes to my shirt sleves. But its all by-gons.
The only down turn was the death of the camera which did not take to the stream as well as I did. So there will be no photos of the things I´ve seen in the last few days, and ancient monistary, a statue of a lady pilgrim, and some really fantastic views. I am trying to capture them in my watercolors instead. Thankfully the memory card of the camera is intact! So you´l all still have to suffer thoguh a complete photo viewing.
Papa and I walked today into Portomarin. Stopping often along the way for our many breakfast breaks. We have just under 100K to Santiago and 70K further to the ocean and the little town of Finsterra. (The end of the earth and for the ancient pagans, the alternate end of the camino.) I am not sure yet which finish line I will aim for. In the mean time I am truely enjoying myself and the company of my father and our other pilgrim friends. (Especally those that quote Whitman and Hughes and tell brilliant tales!) Also the Aussie family we´ve been leap-froging for weeks and many good German, and French, and Dutch pilgrims. Hopefully the weather will turn sunny again and I can use up more of the industrial size bottle of spanish sunscreen I have been carrying with me for weeks. I even found a four-leaf clover today. I wish you all well! And miss you all much!